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  Cool Springs House

General Policies and Procedures



  • Monday –Thursday 9:00am – 5:00pm………..………………..$250.00
  • Monday–Thursday 5:00pm – 11:00pm………………………..  $350.00
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9:00am – 11:00pm…................... $700.00

Rental fees include the exclusive use of the house and surrounding grounds.

Note: The house is closed Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve & Day and New Years Eve & New Years Day.


  • Social Events - The first floor is designed to accommodate 70-80 persons for a seated dinner. For a standing reception event, the house will accommodate 125 persons. When using a tent, the maximum is 250 persons. Because the house is divided into rooms, an inside wedding ceremony would be limited to a small group (approximately 50) in order for everyone to be able to witness the ceremony. Outdoor ceremonies are held on the lawn or on the front porch. The second floor provides a changing room for use during weddings for the bride and groom.  A restroom is also available on the second floor.
  • Business Events - For business meetings the second floor has a spacious conference room that will seat 25-30 persons for meetings. In addition to the conference room there is a sitting room, restroom and break room. The first floor may also be used for smaller business meetings.


  • Individual dates can be booked no further than eighteen months in advance.
  • To reserve a specific date, please view the Cool Springs House calendar for availability. If the date is available, send an email with your requested date to The date will then be put on "hold" for 24 hours. You will receive an email confirmation of the hold.
  • The reservation is secured upon receipt of the signed Rental Contract and deposit of one-half rental fee. Checks, cash or credit card payments are accepted. Credit card authorizations may require an additional transaction fee. Checks should be made payable to City of Brentwood and can be mailed to City of Brentwood, Attention: Cool Springs House, P.O. Box 788, Brentwood, TN  37024-0788.
  • The balance of the rental fee, the damage deposit ($250) and cleaning fee ($100) are due two months prior to the event. Failure to meet this payment schedule will be considered a cancellation with no refund.
  • The damage deposit ($250) is refundable after the event if there is no damage to facility, furnishings or grounds and all terms and conditions listed on the Damage Deposit Form are followed. This amount is subject to increase if the City Manager or his designee determines that a higher amount is warranted to protect the City.
  • Cleaning fee is $100.00 each day rented and is a non-refundable fee.
  • Unreserved dates (weekend days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday) may be booked within thirty (30) days of an event for 50% of the regular rental rate.  All monies, including damage deposit and cleaning fees, must be paid in full at the time the reservation is made.


  • Please contact us as soon as possible when you need to cancel. The City will return fifty (50) percent of the rental fee deposit if the renter cancels two (2) months or more prior to the event. If you need to cancel within two months of your event, there will be no refund of your rental fee. 
  • Cancellations must be submitted in writing; preferably by email to


  • The lessee may use any vendor for the rental of tables, chairs, linens, china, etc.  The rental list must be attached to the Vendor Event Checklist that is to be submitted to the City representative two weeks prior to the event.
  • All rental items must be delivered and picked up within the confines of the rental period unless prior arrangements have been made with City representative; no storage space is available. 
  • The City will not be held responsible for loss or damage for any personal or rental items.
  • Please review this policy with your rental company. 


  • Tents are only allowed on the grounds in designated areas. No tents are allowed to be set up in front of the house – only the sides and back. Tent approval must be obtained from the City in advance.
  • Tents must be delivered and picked up within the confines of the rental period.
  • All tents must be supplied, erected and removed by a commercial tent company. Tents must be constructed of fire retardant material and meet all guidelines established by the fire marshal.
  • The City is not responsible for the tent nor items set-up under or around the tent.
  • The lessee will be responsible for any damage to the grounds resulting from the installation, use and removal of the tent structure.
  • Use of any type of flooring for the tent must be approved by the City representative. 


  • Cool Springs House has a limited number of tables and chairs for use.
  • The renter is responsible for setting up tables and chairs and for returning these items to storage after use.
  • All rented tables and chairs must be delivered and picked up within the time frame of the rental of the house.


  • Lessees may use a catering service of their choice.
  • Caterers are responsible for the cleaning of the space they use and returning it to the condition in which it was found. 
  • Please review the Caterer Guidelines with your caterer.
  • A copy of the off-site liquor license is to be provided with the final paperwork to the City of Brentwood by the catering company supplying the alcohol.
  • Alcoholic beverages may be served only by ABC licensed bartenders. The company employing the bartenders must have a copy of their ABC licenses on file.
  • The lessee is responsible for adhering to all state and local regulations governing the consumption and serving of alcoholic beverages.
  • Please review the Alcoholic Beverages Policy


  • The City of Brentwood requires each renter to obtain a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy for the event, naming the City of Brentwood as an additional insured if the event involves more than fifty (50) people or the use/consumption of alcohol.  If alcohol is served, the liability policy must include Host Liquor Liability. Proof of such insurance must be provided two (2) months prior to the event date.


  • Parking is available in the parking area behind the house with a walkway leading to the house.
  • The driveway is for drop off of guests. Parking in the drive, in the grass or on the street is prohibited.
  • Valet parking or a parking director is strongly encouraged for nighttime or any event with over 50 guests.


  • Outdoor music must never exceed 90 decibels and must cease at 10:00pm.
  • To prevent damage to the original wood floors, no dancing, bands, or DJ’s are allowed inside the house. 


  • Signs, banners, or any other decorations may not be taped, nailed, stapled or otherwise fastened to the property.  No holes may be drilled or punched anywhere on the property.
  • Lessee assumes all responsibility for any items brought onto the property.
  • The use of candles is not permitted inside the house.
  • All outdoor candles must be enclosed in a glass container and must be votive or pillar candles.  No liquid fuel candles are permitted.  No flame of any kind, (other than described above), is allowed on the premises.
  • Please review the Decorator/Florist Guidelines with your decorator.


  • Wedding pictures prior to wedding date may be scheduled through the City representative.


  • For weddings, one hour will be allowed for the rehearsal the day before the event between the hours of 3:00pm-5:00pm unless these times conflict with another event.  If a conflict occurs, special times may be approved in advance.


  • An event planner is recommended for your special day and all of the activities that surround it.  If you do not have a planner, a City representative will be happy to advise you on how events work best in the house and on the grounds but will not serve as your event planner.


  • A Vendor Event Checklist is included in the informational packet and should be returned when you have finalized your plans (no later than two weeks from event date) to ensure that all needs of the renter and the house are met.
  • If you have questions or concerns, please contact Amanda Bledsoe, 615-371-0060 or during regular office hours.


  • All personal and rental property must be delivered and picked up within the confines of the rental period unless prior arrangements have been made. Delivery and pick-up must be scheduled through the City representative.
  • Damage to the house, furnishings or other items must be reported to City representative.
  • Moving of furniture is strictly prohibited due to the historic nature of the furnishings and the original wooden floors in the house.
  • Alcohol may only be used in accordance with the Alcoholic Beverages Policy.
  • Lessee is responsible for returning the grounds and facility to the condition in which they were found. If folding tables and chairs from the Cool Springs House are used, please return them to designated storage areas.
  • No parking or driving on the grass for any reason.
  • For social events, the second floor may not be used except as a changing area for the bride and groom or otherwise by special permission of the City representative.
  • After weddings and receptions, potpourri and real flower petals may be thrown. Rice, bird seed, fake rose petals and confetti are prohibited.
  • When bringing in and removing equipment from the house, use the kitchen door only. See the Caterer Guidelines
  • All trash must be in trash bags and placed in the fenced area at the rear of the house.
  • All furniture must be protected when using live flowers. See the Decorator/Florist Guidelines
  • Smoking, animals (other than service animals), fireworks, and releasing of floating lanterns or balloons are strictly prohibited.
  • Lessee must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Because of the historic nature of the house and the furnishings, children’s events are limited to the outside grounds and patio area with access to the restrooms and kitchen. Access to other portions of the house will not be allowed for these events.


  • All decorations, equipment, food and any other event/rental items must be removed at the conclusion of the event. 
  • If City tables and chairs are used, they must be returned to storage areas.
  • Lessee is responsible for making sure all trash from the event is taken to the outside trash area. A kitchen trash receptacle is furnished, but lessee is responsible for providing trash bags.
  • Ice must be disposed in the kitchen sink and not in/on the yard/grounds of the house.
  • Any items remaining when the City’s cleaning service arrives will be discarded unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Lessee is responsible for returning the grounds and facility to the condition in which they were found.
  • Please refer to the Caterer Policy and Decorator/Florist Policy regarding their responsibilities.


  • The City Manager or his designee is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of the above user policies and procedures. The City Manager may deny use of the house to any user when it is determined to be in the best interest of the City.



Thank you for using the Cool Springs House for your special occasion.  As a token of our appreciation, the City would like to present you with a Cool Springs House watercolor print by nationally known artist Shelly Snow. 



Amanda Bledsoe

City of Brentwood

5211 Maryland Way

P.O. Box 788

Brentwood, TN 37024-0788


Phone: 615-371-0060

Fax: 615-577-6175




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