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The surcharge for Metro Wastewater Treatment has increased from $0.91 to $0.94 per 1,000 gallons effective with bills received on or after October 06, 2015. For the average residential sewer customer using 5,500 gallons of water monthly
(average winter water use), the monthly surcharge will increase from $5.01 to $5.17, or $0.16 per month. The actual amount that each customer pays is determined by their average winter water consumption and corresponding sewerage sent to metro for treatment.

As reference, below is information on the establishment of the Metro Wastewater Treatment surcharge from 2009.

Metro Nashville Wastewater Treatment Surcharge
Effective July 2009, the City of Brentwood will be required to pay Metro Nashville Water Services $1.56 per 1,000 gallons of wastewater treated at their sewer facilities located on the Cumberland River in Nashville. This represents the first significant cost increase in wastewater treatment services from Metro since the early 1980’s. The current Brentwood sewer rates for our customers cover a wastewater treatment cost of $.83 per 1,000 gallons treated. To pay for the additional treatment cost, a “Metro Nashville Wastewater Treatment Surcharge” of $.73 per 1,000 gallons treated has been added to each customer’s bill effective with the bills due on July 7 and July 20, 2009. This surcharge applies to 9,300 residential dwellings and 300 commercial/institution users in Brentwood that receive sewer service from the City. For the average residential customer with a winter month water consumption averaging 5,500 gallons, the monthly surcharge will add $4.02 per month ($.73 x 5.5 = $4.02) to the bill. A customer’s surcharge will be higher or lower depending on their winter water usage. Base City sewer and water rates will not be affected by the surcharge. As background, the City of Brentwood joined together with nine (9) other wholesale customers that surround Nashville to negotiate a fair and equitable cost with Metro that covers only the true cost of wholesale treatment services. In addition, Brentwood was sued by Metro Nashville, along with cities of Millersville and LaVergne, to force payment of a higher treatment cost. After extensive negotiations, the three defendant cities have agreed to pay a higher rate effective July 1. While no one likes to pay more for services, the City believes the $1.56 rate per 1,000 gallons is a fair and equitable treatment rate. Each customer’s monthly sewer rate and the Metro Wastewater Treatment Surcharge are based on the average winter water consumption as billed in the months of December through March. For sewer customers who are not water customers of the city, the computation of average winter water consumption is based upon the four-month period that most closely corresponds to that used for other customers. The amount is recalculated every spring and both the customer’s sewer rate and Metro Wastewater Treatment Surcharge can go up or down, depending on the average monthly winter water consumption. We have no choice but to pass on this additional wastewater treatment cost to our customers. Water and sewer operations by law must be funded by charges to users and not by tax dollars. State law also requires the utility to operate in a sound financial position and avoid losses. Our geographic location many miles away from a major river limits cost effective wastewater treatment options other than by Metro Nashville. The Metro Wastewater Treatment Surcharge ensures that each customer pays for only their contribution to wastewater flow sent to Metro for treatment.
Last updated: 3/7/2016 10:35:03 AM